Using Wireframes Before Start Of Development Is A Win-Win Scenario

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Published: 18th June 2015
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As it is the edge of mobile applications and developing a mobile app is really a tough task and time consuming as well. More than times you usually get invested with its steps like programming, UI design and its functionality. If you want a long lasting application that really be appreciated among users than you need to organize its functionality very well. When its functionality is well done, the programming of this mobile application will be really easier. The most common ways you might find to start with any mobile application is to design its wireframe. It’s a part of process that helps you form the design process where your layout of future app is to be formed. Usually it can be done by using few pieces of papers but most of the designers use few known wireframe design tools to accredit it as per the mobile platforms.

When we talk about wireframe, it can be utilized in a variety of orders. Developers use it to get more concrete grip of their website’s functionality, whereas designers use it to drive the user interface process. UX designers and information architects use it to explain navigation path of pages. Business analysts use it to visually support the business rules and communication of requirements on to the screen. Via these wireframes, business stakeholders can evaluate to ensure that the requirements and objectives are mingled through the design quite perfectly. While talking about the development of mobile applications, wireframe really puts detail impression over the industry by just providing detailed flow of application requirement and by mingling the activity details of each user.

Creating wireframes is really a critical task and require a lot experience to put their essence of project success. Due to the less space onto mobile screen, you might not able to display your entire requirements but wireframes work well in this way by organizing each and every option on the device and further presenting on users’ phone on most optimized way. Hence just writing about what you need and idea into mobile app its better to create wireframe with comment on each screen instead and it will further help developer to understand well your vision and expectation. So a detailed wireframe always deemed to be a foremost step towards building a successful application.

The advantages of wireframes are also not hidden to everyone as it is a best way to execute the entire process in a well arranged manner. A process done in well arranged manner will really be a milestone towards a succession of any application in explicit numbers. Here are few advantages are underlined about wireframes that you need to acknowledge.

• Right appraisal of development time, team size usage and investment
• A proven guidance to developers to execute task in less time and in well arranged way.
• Gives clarity about expected output or behavior of app.
• Easy to recognize by each level of user
• Help clients to review whether they are as per their requirements
• Help in putting new requirement or flow in place

Customers can also put their thoughts in the form of wireframes ahead in the context which a developer can further mingle in with more detail. Development firm involved with those also need to evaluate requirements, user stories and wireframes if provided by clients and must create it in more detailed way by explaining each activity as per the user perspective. Clients should also evaluate these details as much possible in certain time. However, a range of tools are also available to create these wireframe in most effective way but it is recommended to draw it on white paper before going to use some tool to exploit and export it as a PDF document. The thing you need to comprehend is that everything should be executed in well arranged manner to be in a win-win scenario.

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